Nerd punk from Portland, OR

Boxing Day

December 26.
No presents left to unwrap.
Santa's come and gone,
And he's left a bunch of crap.
But there's one thing left uncelebrated.
Let's go get inebriated.

It's Boxing Day! (x4)

Let's go hit the bars,
And we'll get totally pissed.
I got a whole year to make it,
Off the naughty list.
Let's get trashed and trash the place.
End the night in disgrace.

It's Boxing Day! (x4)

Screw Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, and Festivus.
Gonna get drunk off my ass.

We're gonna box, box, box,
And fight, fight, fight.
We're gonna drink, drink, drink,
Tonight, night, night. (x2)

It's Boxing Day! (x8)