Nerd punk from Portland, OR


There's a brand new game in the City of Roses,
I'll keep playing till the arcade closes down.
Got so many quarters that I'm never gonna quit,
Living in vectored lines and 8-bit sounds.

A philosopher's name or arcane acronym?
Maybe I can ask these nice men in black.
They're reading my mind just like a brain scan.
Following all the data they can track.

I know Big Brother's watching me,
And I don't care just what they see,
As long as my initials are on the screen,

Polybius (x3)

I never really looked at the terms of service,
But I'm feeling sick and little nervous now.
I might be recruited for a secret militia,
But that's classified data they'll disavow.

I can't not be at this arcade cabinet,
Even though I know it's part of a government plot.
So I'll zap some squares for the New World Order,
As I put another coin into that quarter slot.

Polybius (x6)

P.O.L.Y.B.I.U.S. Polybius (x4)